Our company is always looking for professionals. If you want to join our team, you can send your resume to The recruiting department reviews all applications and contact appropriate candidates.

Open vacancies

Recruitment Process

1. Search stage

According to the requirements of the vacancy, using alternative search channels (social networks, websites, etc.), incoming applications for the selection of personnel, the relevant personnel are sought.

2. Preliminary evaluation stage

At this stage, a preliminary interview with candidates is organized. If necessary, logical-mathematical knowledge, computer skills, professional knowledge, language skills of the candidates who meet the requirements of the vacancy are checked;

3. Selection stage

A meeting of the candidates who successfully passed the preliminary assessment stage with the head of the structure is organized. The head of the structure determines the technical knowledge and skills of the candidate and whether he meets other criteria required for the performance of the work. Reference investigation of the eligible candidate is carried out

4. Placement stage

Candidates whose employment has been decided are offered a job. The employee is informed about the start date, salary and benefits provided by the company. An employment contract is concluded by mutual agreement

HR policy

Undoubtedly, our company understands that human resources are the most important resource, and is constantly striving to develop a personnel potential that meets modern requirements, and takes effective steps to effectively manage it.

The main goals of our company in the field of human resources are to increase the development potential, occupying a leading position in the industry of our country, to produce quality products based on customer satisfaction.

One of our main goals is to raise the level of professionalism of our employees, to create conditions for employees that ensure their development and improvement, so that they are a capable team, establishing close ties between our employees. “Azertexnolayn LLC” constantly takes steps to ensure, develop, motivate, reward and increase human resources and loyalty to the company.

Подробности чего-то

Бетонные наполнители (Песок, аланты, дробилка, гравий)

  • Химический - определение химического состава
  • Определение коэффициента трения (Лос-Анджелес);
  • Определение прочности с использованием сульфата магния;
  • Определение уровня фрагментации
  • Определение гранулометрического состава
  • Определение плотности (реальная, средняя, ​​относительная)
  • Определение органических соединений

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