Oil and gas

The construction of oil and gas lines through pipes with safe and long-term performance characteristics is one of the reasons making a project is of great value. We are proud to have been the main supplier for important projects in the oil and gas sector of the region. In the framework of major projects for construction of large pipelines, such as

Baku-Novorossiysk and Baku-Mazdok, the pipeline was laid precisely because of the trust in our production pipes. “Steel Pipe Plant” engaged in production of spiralwelded steel pipes is one of the largest plants in the region.

Also, industrial infrastructure products manufactured by our other plants - "Polyethylene Plant" and "Cast-iron casting factory", have contributed to the main projects of this sector not only in our country, but also in the region.

Water supply

Reliability and a hygienic product are important factors for water supply. “Azertexnolayn”, one of the leading companies engaged in important water supply projects in the region, copes with such a task with dignity. Whether it is our water pipes made from high-quality PE100 raw materials, or our steel pipes painted with hygienic insulation coatings, or a wide range of water valves manufactured using modern cast iron casting, processing, painting and rubber manufacturing equipment, disassemblers, hydrants and other hydraulic equipment play the role of a reliable supplier for this sector.

Waste water management

Waste water management plays an important role for the infrastructure of large cities. The wastewater solutions offered by “Azertexnolayn” will serve to solve the problems of such large cities in the harshest conditions for decades.

As the leading manufacturer of corrugated sewer pipes in the region, produced in the 150 mm – 2500 mm diameter range, we are a reliable partner for major wastewater management projects. Steel reinforcement sheet gives them increased structural resistance and makes them economical in value compared to similar products.

This will help you ensure an effective service life with a 50-year warranty by reducing the cost of our products and increasing the size of the SN cost. In addition, manholes and rainwater grates such as B125, C250, D400, E600, F900 are the main products supplied by our modern "Ironworks" not only in our country, but also in the region.


An important task of agriculture is to achieve high productivity and to ensure cost-effectiveness in terms of productive efficiency. High useful productivity and price issues regarding technical support products used to generate profit at high productivity are of great importance. In this regard, based on our long-term experience in the field of production, our solutions offered to this sector are designed to achieve high productivity and profitability.

Urban Road İnfrastructure

The products related to this sector, such as sewage manhole covers, electrical manhole covers, utility manhole covers, rainwater grilles, greetings, anti-parking barriers, park seats, well facility, street waste bins and other products that are widely used on various roads and streets - on highways, city and park roads, roads of residential and non-residential objects, at the airport, seaport, in military towns and other similar roads and streets, are manufactured at the "Cast-iron casting plant" accordance with the requirements of international quality standards.

Cast iron products are provided to suppliers only after the load testing and other mechanical and chemical tests through the most modern equipment in accordance with our procedures.