Drip irrigation pipes

Drip irrigation is a type of irrigation technique that has the potential to deliver both purified water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the plant’s root zones, either from above the soil surface or below the surface through drippers. The drip irrigation method ensures high irrigation efficiency, requires low pressure to distribute water, requires no land leveling work on uneven ground surfaces, allows to control of salinity level in the composition of soil water and the plant’s root zone, and provides an uninterrupted supply of water via circuits. Drip irrigation method prevents the upper parts of plants from wetting, keeping the soil parts between the plant zones dry. Thus, delivering the amount of water needed for consumption of each plant is provided during the irrigation period. Drip irrigation prevents the formation of gel layer on the soil surface, reduces wastage of water by evaporation, automated control is available. Drip irrigation requires minimum labor force that enables to reduce operating costs.

Standards and tecnihcal specifications

Pipe diameters


Inter-drip distance 20-100sm
Pipe wall thickness 0,9-1,2mm
Water transmitting capacity 1.6L-4L/hour
Pressure 1-3 Bar
Roll 200-600m

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