Laboratory services

“Central laboratory of industrial and construction materials “ part of “Azertechnoline LLC” since 2013 acts as an independent organization. Tests of steel pipes for oil, gas, water and piles, welded metal joints, paint and lacquer, polyethylene and polyethylene materials, for polymer pipes and their connecting parts, molded sand and new sand, cast bentonite, coal, covers, gutters, rainwater grilles, various types of valves and hydrants, soil, bitumen and bitumen mixtures, cement, concrete and concrete aggregates and water are carried out by experienced specialists in
the testing laboratory of industrial and construction materials. Wide range laboratory tests are included in our services

The working process of our laboratory:

  • Receiving and registering samples
  • Preparation of samples in accordance with the requirements of the standard
  • Testing
  • Providing customers with test report

All laboratory test equipments periodically checked by accredited calibration companies

Wire meshes

Wire mesh fences at 2.5 meters of width and 2.5 meters of height are produced in metal fence production field. The product is made of galvanized wires and therefore it’s corrosion resistant.

Welded mesh fence is a kind of 3D fence with longitudinal folds, which makes the fence stronger. The fence panel is welded by high quality low carbon steel wire. The welded mesh fence panels are attached with high strength steel posts. The common posts of the welded fence are SHS or RHS tube.

Fences’ surface treatment are hot dipped galvanized or electrostatic powder spray coating over galvanized wire and can be supplied in all colors according to international standard RAL Colors. The Fence System includes the availability of swing and slide type gates. All mounting parts of the manufactured fences are provided by the factory.

Steel pipe insulation

Our enterprise ‘’Steel Pipe Plant’’, at the same time, performs insulation service for the interior and exterior of steel pipes. Depending on the customer's requests, is being implemented to increase the service life of the pipes, increasing corrosion resistance with epoxy paint for the inner part and with dry paint for the outer part coating.

Modern laboratory equipment performs the necessary tests to ensure that the insulation coatings meet the requirements of the standard. EN 10339 for internal insulation coating,EN 10289 for external insulation coating, AWWA C210 for internal and external coating with dry paint, and DIN 30670 for polyethylene coating meet the requirements of standards.